Product Overview

ULTRAPERF® provides a wide selection of modified atmosphere (MA) life extension packaging which include: lidding films that seal to most plastic and aluminum trays, food service bags and VFFS & HFFS films, printed retail bags/stand up pouches, carton liners and box overwrap films for a variety of bulk and iceless produce items. Self venting microwave pouches with re-closable zipper and compostable/biodegradable films are also available. All Ultraperf products are FDA and CFIA compliant.

Dual Ovenable Anti-Fog Lidding Film for CPET and Aluminum Trays

ULTRAPERF® dual ovenable lid films can withstand temperatures up to 450°F, in both microwave and conventional ovens. When sealed to a dual ovenable CPET or Aluminum tray, this package provides consumers a convenient user friendly product. The film is self venting and allows just the right amount of steam to remain in the tray to fully cook without drying the product. This eliminates the need to cut a vent hole into the film prior to cooking. The film peels easily of the tray following cooking, is freezer safe to – 40°F and 100% recyclable.

Non-Cook Anti-Fog Lid Film for PP/PE/PS/APET/CPET/Aluminum Trays

ULTRAPERF® non-cook lidding films provide a hard peel or lock seal to various plastic trays.

Non-Cook Over Wrap Anti-Fog Shrink Film for PP/PE/CPET/FOAM/Aluminum Trays

ULTRAPERF® shrink film is a thin gauge material that seals with L-bar sealing equipment and provides an “in store” packaged look.

This film can be used with any type tray, making it suitable for all non-cook case ready applications.