250K OTR Lid Films -
Case Ready Tray Pack Seafood

ULTRAPERF® provides a 250,000 OTR (oxygen transmission rate) lid film for the packaging of case ready tray pack seafood that significantly exceeds the minimum OTR requirement of 10,000 cc/sq. meter/24 hours as specified by FDA guidelines.

Why 250K OTR? Based on extensive testing and commercial results ULTRAPERF® believes current lid films are not suficiently gas permeable to adequately replace oxygen consumed by tray pack seafood sold in refrigerated retail counters. At typical retail display temperatures, which can range between 40° - 48°F, seafood consumes oxygen faster than current films can replenish O2. This can lead to an anaerobic environment inside the tray which could enable the growth of C. botulinum.

Following evaluation of all commercially available lid films for the packaging of case ready tray pack seafood, ULTRAPERF® concluded that gas permeability rates of existing lid films was too low to provide suficient O2 transfer at typical retail display temperatures and in response, developed a proprietary 250K OTR film.

ULTRAPERF® 250K OTR films ensure sufficient gas exchange to maintain very high O2 levels inside the trays, typically between 12% –16%, even with pressure sensitive product labels placed on the film. This provides an aerobic environment and enhances safety over the life of the product.