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Technical Support & Product Development

ULTRAPERF® is able to develop highly effective packaging that responds to the precise respiration rate of any given fruit or vegetable. ULTRAPERF® works closely with a postharvest specialist to provide technical support to clients and prospects in the development of custom packaging. Predictive respiration models are developed based on specific properties and requirements of each produce item to be packaged. We utilize various government laboratories to test and validate new packaging applications.

The Development Of Product Specific Packaging Is Based On The Following Criteria:

  • Harvested produce is composed of living and respiring tissue that consumes O2 and generates CO2.
  • The package must allow O2 to move through the film at a rate unique to each product in order to replenish O2 consumed by respiring tissue.
  • The package must also allow CO2 to escape through the film to avoid build up. Specific crops require high levels of CO2 without reaching low levels of O2.
  • All produce contains high levels of water, therefore optimizing moisture retention of any given fruit or vegetable inside a package is critical to extending life, quality and freshness.